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Jun 30, 2012 7:00pm PDT
twins in town on baseball night in america. >> he's a hard working man these days. he had worked three straight day with a total of 86 pitchers . and right field corner. they are proud as they reach the college world series. he's donated a lot of time and money to the stony brook program since becoming of age. >> he's a big part of their turn around . they now play at joe nathan field. you take walk around and a lot of stony brook and pass them out. >> for those viewers who have no idea where stony brook is located. it is on the eastern end of long island. and gentry calling a strike andatory alba runner second . rangers leading the a's, 7-. it is fox baseball hot streak and win cash prizes . starting a hot streak. and 15 straight correctly and win 15 dollars for fox sports. log on to fox and start your streak today . gentry down on strikings. >> that and a garbage t-shirt. we head to the ninth. seven-2 texas . stay informed catch a show. make your point make a memory make a masterpiece. read something watch something and learn something. do it all more beautif
Jul 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
to atkins and read the opinion, it's on the basis of an eighth amendment analysis of the twin pillars of the criminal law which are retribution and deterrence. the court makes the judgment that low i.q. means that you're less responsible and less likely able to be deterred. so the twin pillars of the criminal law don't really apply. but i'm not sure that the psychologists who do psychological testing and i.q. or the neuroscientists have really connected up the constitutional reasons why because it may be that they're substructures of i.q. that are more relevant to the eighth amendment question. it's not a general i.q. score that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controllin
Jun 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
still waiting tonight. we're at twin brook parkway and rockville pike. we have one gas station here. we have the no gas, out of service on the pump. across the street, people are still waiting in line. these images are what people will remember from today. >> no one said ladies and gentlemen, start your everythingens. but they should have. these people waited three hours to fill up their cars at a shell station on rockville pike. much of it was spent waiting for a tanker truck after the station's trucks ran dry from the demand. >> we're behind the yellow line here, it's a club for us now. it's gone beyond just getting gas. actually, it's been this way all day. lines, lines, lines. >> reporter: amazingly, they bonded. >> it was good, everybody had great spirits here, it was good energy. ironically i met somebody i would have never met and we know all the same people. it was great. >> reporter: it's not clear what caused the demand pattern that was clearly different from previous weather disasters. many people grew frustrated. >> i've been driving around, trying to find a gas station,
Jul 1, 2012 1:30pm PDT
would hope the vote of the unanimous vote of the twin peaks council strongly opposing that -- and i think that it has led you all to stop ignoring us and maybe start taking us seriously, because we represent the mainstream and majority of people in san francisco. that is why i support the language in the bond as amended. i am grateful to the committee for taking our concerns seriously and revising the bond language to make sure this bond will not be sent. thank you for listening to us. supervisor elsbernd: thank you very much. please come forward. >> good morning. my name is linda shaffer. i have things are like to briefly add. first of all, as a person citizen volunteers serving on the city park recreation and open space advisory, representing district 10, i am delighted that even more money is flowing in the direction of mclaren park as a result of this amendment. i look forward to look -- working with the wonderful people in district 10 and 9 and 11 in support of this bond that will make them all very happy. the second thing i would like to say is of the city i moved to san franc
Jul 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
graduated from grammar school in 1982. they barely hung on. >> he remembers a twin set of crises that cost them. the first was financial. then the violent union strike which came close to destroying the business. >> sitting here at my desk. in comes walking is the president of the union. he said, brian, in a couple of weeks, i think you understand your union contract is up. i said, look, al, if you go on strike, keep on walking because that's the end of your union and us. i'm bringing in replacements and they are heavily armed. if you want to come aboard with your thugs and the clubs and the guns, you better know that every single one of our tugboats has an arsenal and we are ready to take you on. i have no choice. >> clearly luck has played a role in survival. it is certainly notç everythin >> what is it about your family that has been able to hold on to this when so many other family businesses leave the family after the second or third or fourth generation? >> i think it is the irish mentality of tradition. the passion for tradition. they just want to hold on to it. they jus
Jul 1, 2012 5:30am EDT
college park. times were tough, the only way to keep his long hours were by bringing his twin boys, francis and franklin, to work. >> people inspired me, people that just came and -- >> reporter: it didn't take long for the boy toss grow on the staff and for the game to grow on them. >> i think he has what roger federer has, what nadal has, what jimmy conor had. he has the pure joy of hitting a tennis ball. that goes a long way. >> reporter: what separates you from the other tennis players out there your age? >> i just want it so much more than they do. every time i step on the court it's like i'm here to work as hard as i can. >> reporter: he's considered the number one ranked player in the world in his age group. hey, at least i got a racket on it. >> hey. >> but the message is clear at home. i appreciate you showing me a thing or two on the court. you didn't hurt me too bad. what does it take to take your game to the next level? what does it take for me to turn on the tv and see you on sundays? >> a lot of hard work. a lot of belief. in tennis you go through ups and downs, so it
Jun 30, 2012 9:00pm CDT
acquired former sox star jim thome. forget about the kicker. brian dozier of the twins cues this one off the end and it goes backwards into foul territory before going fair. watch this. >> wow. >> foul goes into fair terry -- territory and goes for an r.b.i. because nobody covered home plate and that was a run. glad i got it in. >> that was pretty cool. >> it was. nice to see. >> they had a little jeshle in there. >> we're out of time. that's the news for this saturday night. i'm robert jordan. >> i'm kathy [ bell dings ] agents, when it comes to insurance, people feel lost. that's a dead end. don't know which way to turn. this way. turn around. [ woman ] that's why we present people with options to help them find coverage that fits their needs. almost there. whoo! yay! good work. that's a new maze record. really? i have no idea. we don't keep track of that kind of stuff. well, you should. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ ot sfilodour [cell phone beeps] hey! so same time next week? well of course.
FOX News
Jul 1, 2012 11:00am EDT
member in history to be held in contempt of congress. what impact will these twin controversies have on the presidential race? joining us now is a fox news contributor and former communications director for new jersey, former new jersey senator jon corzine and da neen barelli is a fox news contributor and author of the book "backlash". welcome to you both. let me start with you. you heard pam bondi basically explain the republican position calling the health care plan junk. a huge tax increase. how do the republicans get traction in their vow to try to repeal it? >> that's just it. there is traction here because what we have is a classic example of government gone wild and you know what, eric? the american people are sick and tired of it. we have a supreme court justice who basically is playing politics really. this is clearly a tax on the american people. the last thing you want to do is implement more taxes on hard working americans. and so clearly, i think there is a lot of traction here to repeal this initiative because it's not popular with the american people. it is a tax. it w
Jun 30, 2012 10:00pm EDT
the week. yankees and red sox. braves-phillies. twins-rangers. also in action. starts at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. coming um next except for the west coast, your late local news. for kevin millar, matt vasgersian. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >>> another very hot and humid day across the area. the heat wave continues. we're watching more severe weather develop across the region. i will have all of the details on your forecast coming up right after the game. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. . >>> right now at 10, our severe storm coverage continues. hundreds of thousands of people rema
Jul 1, 2012 3:00pm EDT
it's not really feasible. so we've got these twin crises, and in my book i represent them as a two-headed alligator that we're trying to deal with. and yet we've been unable as a society the deal with them. and the real breakthrough here, and whether or not he likes it the hero of our story is mitt romney, and the real breakthrough came with governor mitt romney in massachusetts in 2006 when he signed into law massachusetts' health care reform which took a new approach that hadn't been tried before, an approach i like to cry incremental universalism. incremental, or from the right, meaning leave people alone if they like what they have, but help people who don't, for whom the system doesn't work. universal, from the left, meaning let's get to universal coverage. this had not been tried before. they was not a rip it up and start over approach. this was a let's recognize politically that we can't take away things people like, but that we can get to where we need to be in terms of universal coverage. he set up a system which i like to think of as a three-legged stool. the first leg wa
Jul 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ it's about time we made our homes workor us. so let's make our dryers do the ironing. have our fridges cater our parties. and tell our ranges to whip up dinner. let's plug in to summer savings before they're gone... ...without wasting an ounce of energy with smart machines that turn housework into house play. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, save $600 on this maytag french door refrigerator, just $1,598. >>> on friday, egypt's newly elect president mohamed morsi celebrated his inauguration in weekend, and he told the crowd, i stand with you in a square of freedom, and i am one of you. yesterday, morsi, egypt's first islamistñr and civilian preside, sworn in before the country's supreme constitutional court. in the first speech as president, morsi claimed a transfer of power from the military council. now, many are hoping he will use that power to follow through with promises to extend
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)